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 What is eFax?   

eFax is a service that provides a flexible option for transmitting and receiving documents (doc, pdf, jpeg, rar, tort, etc) over the web (via your email) in lightning fast speed without the hassle of the traditional and frustrating paper-based-faxing approved by ASCII

 How does it work?  

First you are issued a real fax number which can be local or toll free. You have the option to route all your incoming faxes to up to 5 different email addresses through afax email website — no more copying, distributing, or forwarding.

RECEIVING a fax is easy. When a person sends you a fax, the fax is converted to a file that is emailed to you as an attachment. Just double click the file to open it. You can check your faxes from anywhere you have access to your email. You can also see your faxes on the web. That way they can easily be saved and retrieved again at any time.

To SEND a fax, you simply attach a file or a scanned hard copy to your email. Rather than dialing the fax number and frantically trying to feed paper into a fax machine, you address the email to the recipient's fax number like this: 13235556789@afax.com, click send and it arrives as a paper fax at the other end faster than the speed of sound.

How can I try it?

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You can also get your voice messages as attachments to your email.

Visit www.afax.com to learn more.